Overall and installation dimensions
Drive function Operating instructions
Output current seting By the SW1-SW3 three DIP switches to set the driver output current. Peak output current setting of specific, please refer to the drive panel diagram.
Set the number of micro-step breakdown The SW5-SW6 two DIP switches to set the number of micro-step. Specific micro-step breakdown of the number of settings, refer to the drive panel diagram.(SW4,SW8 is vacant, no adjustment)
Automatic half current function Users can set the drive SW4 half current function. "OFF" means half the quiescent current to the dynamic current, the pulse current is automatically reduced to 0.5 seconds to stop about half; "ON" said quiescent current and dynamic current is the same. SW4 should be set to a general user "OFF", the motor and the drive to reduce the heat generation, improved reliability.
Signal interface PUL control pulse signal; DIR is direction signal; OPTP signal port power +5 V; ENA enable signal.
Motor Interface A + and A-connected motor phase winding; B + and B-phase winding is connected to the other motor. Need to reverse, you can swap one phase winding.
Power interface DC power supply, voltage recommended 20VDC-40VDC, Power greater than 100W.
Indicator Two lights. The power indicator is green, the drive is powered on the green light. Fault indicator is red, when an overvoltage, overcurrent fault, flashing or steady red light, when the fault is cleared off the red power on again.
Installation instructions Drive external dimensions: 86*55*20mm, see specific Dimensions. Note that aside more than 10cm of space to facilitate cooling. It should be installed close to facilitate cooling the metal cabinet.
Current regulation
Peak RMS SW1 SW2 SW3
Default ON ON ON
0.50A 0.35A OFF ON ON
0.70A 0.50A ON OFF ON
1.00A 0.70A OFF OFF ON
1.30A 0.90A ON ON OFF
1.60A 1.20A OFF ON OFF
1.90A 1.40A ON OFF OFF
2.20A 1.60A OFF OFF OFF
Subdivision regulation
Pulse/Rev SW6 SW8
Default ON ON
1600 OFF ON
3200 ON OFF
6400 OFF OFF
Default:The number of pulses can be customized according to the user.
Common signal indication
Phenomenon The reason Solution
Information light is red 1.Electrical wire shorted. Check or replace the motor lines eliminate the short-circuit
2.External drive voltage exceeds or falls below the operating voltage range. The voltage regulator to drive a reasonable voltage range
3.unexplained Check back