PM series planetary gear reducer motor models of reading method

1.Output shaft
2.Bearing for the output shaft
3.Internal gear
4.The sencond stage of planetary gear
5.Split planet carrior
6.The first stage of planetary gear
7.Motor Shaft
8.Bearing for the motor shaft
9.Motor housing
10.BLDC motor stator
11.BLDC motor rotor
12.End cover
Motor parameters 1.FXD logo
2.Motor outline dimension
   22:Motor extemal diameter22mm  32:Motor extemal diameter32mm  42:Motor extemal diameter42mm
   52:Motor extemal diameter52mm  62:Motor extemal diameter62mm
3.BLDP:BLDC motor matched with planetry gearbox
   DP:Brush DC motor with inner brush(no brush ment from outside),matched with planetary gearbox
4.Rated voltage for the motor using
5.Rated output power for the motor
6.Rated output speed for the motor
Gear box parameters 7.The outline dimension for the gearbox
   transmission series 22:External diameter22mm  32:External diameter32mm  42:External diameter42mm
                                  52:External diameter52mm  62:External diameter62mm
8.Planetary gearbox
   PM:Tansmission planetary(metal)
   PK:Tansmission planetary(plastic)
9.Reduction ratio
   303:Reduction ratio 1:303